Youtube Premium IPA + MOD v19.23.3 (uYouPlus/YTLitePlus)

Download YouTube IPA v19.23.3: Enjoy ad-free YouTube videos, unlock powerful customization features, and elevate your viewing experience on your iPhone/iOS.
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July 7, 2024
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Download YouTube IPA v19.23.3: This is a YouTube Premium MOD version for iPhone/iOS that removes ads while watching videos. It also offers many powerful advanced customization options compared to the regular YouTube app, providing the best user experience.

Ytliteplus: ad-free mod tool for youtube premium

What are uYouPlus and YTLitePlus?

uYouPlus and YTLitePlus are two YouTube MOD Premium apps that replace the official YouTube app on iOS. They provide many additional features that the original YouTube app doesn’t have, such as:

  • Ad blocking: uYouPlus and YTLitePlus can effectively block YouTube ads.
  • Background playback: You can listen to YouTube music in the background while using other apps with uYouPlus and YTLitePlus.
  • Interface customization: uYouPlus and YTLitePlus allow you to customize the YouTube app interface to your liking.
  • Video downloading: You can download YouTube videos for offline viewing with uYouPlus and YTLitePlus.

Differences between uYouPlus and YTLitePlus

  • Size: YTLitePlus has a smaller size than uYouPlus.
  • Features: uYouPlus has more features than YTLitePlus, such as the ability to customize the interface and download videos.
Youtube premium ipa for iphone ios

uYouPlus and YTLitePlus Features

FeatureYTLitePlusuYouPlus (YTMod)Notes
Ad BlockingYesYesEnable/disable
Background PlaybackYesYes
Interface CustomizationYesYesYTLitePlus has over 60 options, uYouPlus has additional options like changing colors, fonts, etc.
Video DownloadingNoYes
SponsorBlockYesYesSkips annoying sponsor ads inside YouTube videos.
Picture-in-Picture (PiP)YesYes
High-Resolution UnlockYes (YTUHD)Yes (YTUHD)Both support up to 4K if your device allows
Auto FullscreenNoYes
Classic Quality PickerNoYes
Hide Suggested VideosNoYes
Remember Caption SettingsNoYes
Remove Premium AdsYesYes
Playback Speed ControlNoYesuYouPlus supports more playback speed options
A/B Testing ControlYesYes
Video Mute ButtonYesYes
Prevent Content CoveringNoYes
Show Dislike CountNoYesUses ReturnYoutubeDislike’s API
Disable TrackingYesYesAn iOS YouTube Tweak that disables Tracking Parameters in the YouTube App.
Remove Shorts from FeedYesYesRemove Shorts from YouTube app’s feed.
Block Local NetworkYesYes
Bigger MiniplayerNoYes
Hold for SpeedYesYes Allows you to quickly toggle between a selected video playback speed by tapping and holding on the video player in the YouTube application.
Buttons on Video OverlayNoYes
Faster Quality SelectionYesYes
Older UINoYes
OLED Dark ModeYesYesReplace official Youtube darkmode with a true OLED darkmode.
Old Dark ModeYesYesReplace new official Youtube darkmode with old (grey) Youtube darkmode.
Low Contrast ModeYesYesMakes the YouTube Interface Low Contrast as possible to make it easier on the eyes.
No Suggested Video PopupYesYes
Video SpeedYesYesAdds 2.25x to 5x playback speed options in the YouTube video player.

Both apps do not require jailbreak. You can install them through any IPA-supporting tool like AltStore, TrollStore, Sideloadly, or BullFrog Assistant.

Choosing the right app depends on your needs. If you need a compact and easy-to-use YouTube app or simply need to block ads, YTLitePlus is a good choice. If you need more features, such as the ability to customize the interface and download videos, etc., uYouPlus is the better option.

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