How to use chmod command in Linux / Ubuntu with examples

How to use the chmod command in Linux / Ubuntu to manage permissions for files and directories, including read, write,

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Apt vs Apt-get Command: What’s the Difference on Linux?

Apt and Apt-get in Ubuntu or Debian Linux are two package management tools with similar functionalities, but there are differences

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Fix can’t boot Windows after install Ubuntu dual-boot

How to fix the Grub2 error when dual boot Windows and Ubuntu, can't boot Windows after installing Ubuntu or after

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Snap vs APT: What’s the Difference? Which should be used?

What is the difference between Snap vs APT on Ubuntu Linux? Should we use Snap for install applications, or stick

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Contabo vs OVH vs Vultr: VPS Speed & Performance Comparison

Compare the speed of VPS Contabo and OVH + Vultr, share real-world usage experiences, performance test results, as well as

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How to Install Tor Browser on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04

How to install Tor Browser on Ubuntu 22.04, 20.04 LTS helps keep your identity secure, anonymous and can access the

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Magento 2 Development

Block indexing of unnecessary pages in Wordpress

Blocking indexing of unnecessary pages in WordPress is an effective SEO technique that helps improve Google's data crawling performance and your web ranking.

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